Data Rate up to 12.5Gbps NRZ

440ps max Random & Sinusoidal Jitter

2x Individual Bandwidth Gaussian Random Jitter up to 10ps-rms

2x Individual Programmable Sinusoidal Jitter up to 400MHz / 440ps

Intra-Pair Skew Control up to +/- 120ps

Output Swing Level Control up to 2.0Vpp diff

Duty Cycle Distortion Control up to +/- 8ps (only with T3)



Signal Format: differential NRZ, 2x SMA for Input, 2x SMA for output

Input Level: 200mVpp - 2.5Vpp differential, AC coupled

Output Level: 200mV - 2.5Vpp differential AC coupled, adjustable at 1mV resolution

Data Rate: 10MHz -12.5Gbps NRZ

Random Jitter: 2x Individual Bandwidth and amount for [10k - 1.5MHz] and [1.5M-100MHz or 1.5M-1GHz]

10ps-rms max Adjustable at 0.1ps-rms resolution. Crest Factor: 14pp. Filter Order:7

Sinusoidal Jitter: 2x Individual Frequency and amount for [400MHz max] up to 440ps adjustable at 1ps / 1KHz resolution

External Jitter Input: 1ps/mV up to 500MHz, 1x SMA single-end

De-emphasis: 2 Tap FIR, 0 - 6.0dB adjustable at 0.1dB resolution

Intra-Pair Skew: 0 +/- 120ps adjustable at 1ps resolution

DCD (Duty Cycle Distortion): +/- 8ps at 0.1ps resolution (RJI12G-T3 only)

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