voyager_m4x USB2/3/4/Thunderbolt/PD

Key Features
• Capture / Analyze USB 3.2 / USB4 / Thunderbolt™ 3 including PD & SBU traffic - See end-to-end host, hub, and device operation
• Integrated analyzer / exerciser - Multifunction system with options allowing USB 3.2 / USB4 traffic generation
• USB Type-C & PD analyzer - Capture Type-C and Power Delivery protocol messages and state changes
• CATC Trace Analysis Software - Expand / Collapse transport layer for faster interpretation of USB traffic
• T.A.P.4™ probing - Proven analog front-end architecture to provide the truest picture of power-on link training
• Up to 32GB Recording Memory - Capture long recording sessions for analysis and problem solving
• Hide / Show Traffic by HopID - HopID Filtering makes it easy to focus the analysis on specific paths/functions
• Detects numerous USB4 Link & Protocol errors - Critical link and timing errors are detected and labeled 
• External Trigger In / Out - Use the Voyager to identify any packet and toggle a scope or logic analyzer (via SMA connectors)
• Cascade Multiple Analyzers - Synchronize recordings across multiple analyzers including legacy USB 3.x Voyager systems 
• Gbe or USB 3.0 Upload - Sustained transfer rates of 600Mbps over Gbe provide instant access to captured data

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