Rj Sj Injector RJI12G

 Supporting multiple data rate up to 12.5Gbps, RJI12G works with any NRZ differential signal. The unique architecture, “Jitter injection onto receiving data stream” enables RX Loop-back test configuration up to 440ps jitter. Internal Random Jitter engine generates Gaussian-fit curve, ranged up to 1GHz with two selectable bandwidth ([10k-1.5MHz] and [1.5M- 100MHz or 1.5M-1GHz]) up to 10ps(rms) at 0.1ps resolution. Two individual Sinusoidal Jitter is fully programmable up to 440ps at 1ps resolution for 10k - 400MHz at 1KHZ resolution. The built-in External jitter mixer allows user-defined jitter input, available as 1ps at 1mV up to 500MHz. Moreover, the multiple stress test items are integrated such as, Output Swing Level in the range of 200mVpp to 2Vpp differential, Intra-pair Skew control up to +/- 120ps, Adjustable Duty Cycle Distortion for +/- 8ps. 


Data Rate up to 12.5Gbps NRZ

440ps max Random & Sinusoidal Jitter

2x Individual Bandwidth Gaussian Random Jitter up to 10ps-rms

2x Individual Programmable Sinusoidal Jitter up to 400MHz / 440ps

Intra-Pair Skew Control up to +/- 120ps

Output Swing Level Control up to 2.0Vpp diff

Duty Cycle Distortion Control up to +/- 8ps (only with T3)

Remote Control

Interface: USB 2.0

OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10

Included: Device driver, GUI Software

Commands: IEEE Std488 / SCPI compatible

Remarks: Installs as a COM port, compatible with generic serial terminals


Signal Format: differential NRZ, 2x SMA for Input, 2x SMA for output

Input Level: 200mVpp - 2.5Vpp differential, AC coupled

Output Level: 200mV - 2.5Vpp differential AC coupled, adjustable at 1mV resolution

Data Rate: 10MHz -12.5Gbps NRZ

Random Jitter: 2x Individual Bandwidth and amount for [10k - 1.5MHz] and [1.5M-100MHz or 1.5M-1GHz]

10ps-rms max Adjustable at 0.1ps-rms resolution. Crest Factor: 14pp. Filter Order:7

Sinusoidal Jitter: 2x Individual Frequency and amount for [400MHz max] up to 440ps adjustable at 1ps / 1KHz resolution

External Jitter Input: 1ps/mV up to 500MHz, 1x SMA single-end

De-emphasis: 2 Tap FIR, 0 - 6.0dB adjustable at 0.1dB resolution

Intra-Pair Skew: 0 +/- 120ps adjustable at 1ps resolution

DCD (Duty Cycle Distortion): +/- 8ps at 0.1ps resolution (RJI12G-T3 only)